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Keonjhar, the district headquarters of the district of Keonjhar offers varieties of attractions to the tourists. It is the most convenient base from where visitors can plan their visit to various places of interest in the district.

Places of tourist interest in Keonjhar : Vishnu Temple, Jagannath Temple, and on its outskirts the shrines of Siddha Jagannath, Siddha Kali, Ghatagaon and Panchabati amidst picturesque settings.

Best time to visit : October to March

Approach : By road and rail.

Stay : Stay arrangements can be done with the local hotels.



Hotel Plaza


Gayatri Guest House


Labanya Bhawan


Hotel Baral


Hotel Mayur


Approach : By road and rail.

Best time to visit : October to June

Fairs and Festivals of the region :

Fairs / Festivals



Makara Sankranti

Murga Mahadev


Baruni Yatra


February - March

Chaitra Parba

Tarini PithaGhatagaon


Raja Sankranti



Places around Keonjhar






Murga Mahadeva

* Distance from Keonjhar

(30 km )*

Situated on the river Sita, the spot has gained prominence for the ancient fresco painting on a rock shelter called "Ravan Chhaya" which is like a half opened umbrella. The painting depicts a royal procession.

(60 km)*

It is famous for a waterfall of about 500 ft in height amidst lush green forests. It is an ideal place for picnic.

(5 km )*

It is a small but beautiful waterfall, suitable for an outing.

(10 km)*

It is yet another small but exciting waterfall. It is one of the most popular picnic spots of Keonjhar district.

(45 km )*

Surrounded by a series of valleys and wooded hills of varying colours, the place is famous as a center of pilgrimage for the temple of Brahmeswar Mahadev, established on the river Vaitarani. In fact, this is the place from where the river starts flowing. A little away from the point of origin, the river goes under ground and hence called Guptaganga, only to be seen jumping after a short distance over a stone projection looking like the nostril of a cow. The scenic beauty of the place is simply charming.

Murga Mahadeva
(70 km )*

Situated near the Thakurani Hills in Champua subdivision by the side of a perennial spring, it is famous for the temple of Murga Mahadeva.

Tourist Information Offices :
Tourist Office : Madhapur,Near Check-Gate, Keonjhar-758001, Ph:(06766) 55218

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